Cakes are the delight of the world it's the celebration within a celebration. Cakes bring Joy to many faces with its wonderful taste. It's said that Cake began in Greece, they made cake to Honor their Goddess of the moon Artemis, the candles on the top represented the light of the moon and the smoke sent their wishes and prayer to the heavens. "Cakes Like Velvet INC" Is here to continue this history offering the Velvet quality of Cake in its time. We started our establishment, April 11th 2016 not only to fulfill the human desire, but to build a Home. The inspiration came through the known "Cake Man Raven", of New York City, himself a Man that encouraged his community and helped develop possibilities for children who desired better for themselves.

         He offered wisdom, scholarships, and of course an incredible dessert. “Cakes like velvet INC” isn't just an upcoming company looking to collect for its products; it's a company that wants to satisfy its customers with excellent customer service and a home for all those that wants it to be. To involve a community that appreciates a home away from home. Bringing them a sweet treat and a place to retreat, a fun, relaxing, and entertaining environment where you can enjoy, with networking, new friends, families and Cake. To help develop a community that wants to be unified as a community, or join a community that will accept its open arms to work together to build a strong environment for youth and adults through cake.

Cakes Like Velvet INC offers some of the best cake in the market, people may not believe, but when it comes to the truth all we can say is try it, the product speaks for itself. We offer cakes baked fresh unlike most of our competitors no week long freezer storage; Moisture you'll continuously desire. All Cake and Icing are made from scratch nothing is pre-mixed for these cakes, just proper time and Love. "REAL CAKE" should not be wasted it should always be taken for seconds or finished once started,

Have you experienced throwing away cake since it didn't taste good? If so go ahead and call "Cakes Like Velvet" we'll show you the right way it should be done.